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dedication, quality and expertise

ROK is a Melbourne and Gippsland based development group dedicated to delivering high quality
projects across outer Melbourne that will have a lasting and improved amenity for the community to
enjoy and admire for years to come.

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helping improve lifestyles

Our projects are contributing to meet the strong demand and growth in one of the world’s most livable cities, we like to think that our contribution, while small, helps improve the lives of the residents and community we deliver these projects in. Our values and design principals will leave a long lasting impression in the areas we deliver our projects to. Feel free to check out our current projects pages.

current projects

75 years of combined experience

Our Group have been operating in the property Sector successfully for over 10 Years and with combined experience of the Directorate exceeding 75 Years we have the right stuff to bring projects through from concept to reality. We’ve delivered hundreds of Land Lots, Townhouses and Apartments across Melbourne.

completed projects

Our values and design principals leave long lasting impressions on each and every project we deliver.



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To receive any information on our current and future developments contact the rok team

0431 111 882